Maple Sap From the Tap

Phil and I are busy collecting the maple sap and setting it on the wood stove to boil. Nearly eight gallons of sap gathered today from 10 mature maple trees.

Maple tree in our yard

We use the maple water or sap, straight out of the tree to drink as a cool, refreshing beverage, or we bring it to a boil and use it to make herbal tea.

The maple water will only last seven days in the refrigerator, so the extra that we are collecting will be boiled on the wood stove to a consistency of a thin syrup, which we will can to preserve it for a sweetener in our teas or coffee. Maple syrup that we use for pancakes and french toast will be boiled down to a thicker consistency and this will need to be canned, also.

We look forward to this harvesting of organic, electrolyte and mineral-filled drink and feel very blessed to have maple trees on our property. Count yourself blessed if you too, have these lovely trees on your property. If you haven’t already, try tapping those givers of oxygen and sweet sap. Maybe you don’t have any maple trees on your property but have a neighbor, friend or relative who does and would let you collect the sap.

Taste the goodness made by a tree!

Feel free to contact me if you need more information on how to tap, collect, or preserve your maple water/syrup.

Cheers to trees and cheers to our health! 😀


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